Interventional Radiology Curriculum for Junior IRs and Medical Students


Welcome to the International Interventional Radiology Curriculum, an essential resource designed to introduce medical students and junior interventional radiologists to the dynamic field of interventional radiology (IR). Developed by the Residents Fellows Students (RFS) Committee of the Pan Arab Interventional Radiology Society (PAIRS) and curated by experts in the field, this curriculum offers a comprehensive overview of the most important IR procedures currently available.

In recent decades, interventional radiology has emerged as one of the most rapidly evolving medical specialties, characterized by a blend of cutting-edge technological advancements and skilled operator techniques. With its ability to provide minimally invasive solutions and rapid recovery times, IR has garnered significant interest among medical students worldwide.

As the largest Interventional Radiology Society in the Middle East, PAIRS recognizes the importance of fostering awareness and understanding of this magical specialty among aspiring medical professionals. Thus, the International Interventional Radiology Curriculum serves as a concise yet comprehensive guide, offering insights into various IR procedures and their applications across different medical contexts.

We invite you to explore this curriculum and embark on a journey into the world of interventional radiology—a field that continues to revolutionize patient care and redefine the boundaries of modern medicine.

Philosophy of the Curriculum

Since PAIRS board assigned us “Residents Fellows and Students” team to create a PAIRS curriculum for Medical Students and Junior IRs, we thought about a different approach to Orthodox IR sources.
Accordingly; in this booklet you will find IR procedures in context of Medical school curricula, i.e disease oriented rather than procedure oriented approach. For each body system you can find the possible diseases classified as traumatic, inflammatory, neoplastic … etc followed by possible solutions IR could provide for each, most of which we added figures of the actual procedures.So whether you are a Radiology resident, intern, Medical student or even a physician in another specialty who wants to know more about IR procedures, this curriculum is highly recommended for you.

PAIRS Residents Fellows and Students Team.
Head of Committee
Rana Khafagy, MD